About Us

Vegan Perfection was founded by Jeremy and Rebecca, a husband and wife team - committed vegans, environmentalists and social justice supporters who decided they wanted to spread the benefits of a vegan lifestyle to the Australian population by introducing innovative and superior quality vegan products to the market. Having lived for years in the UK, where there are 250,000 vegans and an estimated 6 million vegetarians, they thought the natural thing to do was import some of the exciting vegan brands that they had enjoyed whilst living there. Since then, Vegan Perfection's brand's have grown to include a great selection from mainland Europe and the US.

In his 'previous life' Jeremy worked as a Project Manager/Engineer on mines and construction sites in Australia and the UK, with the odd job as bouncer for a Tokyo nightclub and a Wildlife Fundraiser in Tasmania thrown in for spice! Although Jeremy had always felt a deep empathy for animals from a young age, it wasn't until early 2004 that Jeremy became vegan after reading the book The Pig Who Sang To The Moon by Jeffrey Masson. [When the time is right seeds of conscience that have been dormant for years will finally come to life and face the sun...]

Rebecca became vegetarian as a child, after many debates at the dinner table, and has now been vegan for a total of 14 years. 

The Vegan Perfection team has, over time, grown to incorporate some new team members, namely; Amanda in the office, Julian in the office and warehouse and Vidya in the warehouse - all committed vegans who we are truly blessed to have with us.

In addition, we have a panel of 4 very enthusiastic product testers, namely; White Mountain - who stalked the streets of Melbourne before landing on our doorstep and who never left. She heads up the taste testing team (simply because she is a diva and a CAT!). Poppy - an abandoned Tenterfield Terrier who was running across Melbourne roundabouts before we caught her and finally convinced her to stay (it wasn't hard!). And last but not least, our newest assistants - the boys - Angel, a lurcher/collie cross who roamed the streets of Athens before he came live with us, and sweet-natured Pegasus - a lurcher/Alsatian cross who lived his entire life (4 years) chained in an outside doghouse in an animal shelter on Crete (Greece) before he joined the VP gang. Four totally committed taste testers whose one complaint is that there should be more sampling going on!

[The painting above is a portrait of Amahl - our beautiful ginger tom stray who arrived at Vegan Perfection's inception and who was therefore one of Vegan Perfection's founding members. Amahl went to the Rainbow Bridge in 2010, and we had this painting made in his memory - it captures his personality perfectly.]