Meat Alternatives

Delicious meat-free alternatives, from Schnitzels to Slices, from Burgers to Bangers. If it is meat replacers that you are after, then we have something for every taste!

Hot & Spicy Primal Jerky
370g Carolines Vegan Tuna
Carolines Vegan Tuna 142g
Organic Burger Mix 125g
Organic Falafel Mix 120g
Young Green Jackfruit 565g
Hickory Smoked Primal Jerky
Mesquite Lime Primal Jerky
Teriyaki Primal Jerky
Texas BBQ Primals Jerky
Thai Peanut Primal Jerky
Cheatin Beef-style Roast
Cheatin Beef-style Slices
Cheatin Chicken Slices
Cheatin Ham Slices
Cheatin Pepperoni Slices