Nature's Charm

Nature's Charm produce the highest quality coconut based products available. Now you can enjoy all of your favourite recipes and drinks that require traditional condensed or evaporated milk, whilst enjoying the healthy goodness of dairy-free coconut milk. 
Nature's Charm Sweetened Condensed Coconut Milk and Evaoprated Coconut Milk are the first commercially-produced products of their kind. They offer a new option for vegan and lactose intolerant consumers to enjoy the dishes they previously missed out on due to the milk contents. 
Think of the possibilities! 
Such as: Coconut Sponge cake, Hot Coconut Latte, Banana Bread, ChoConut Smoothie, Vegan Vanilla Cake, and even great for dipping and as a topping. 
You can even use the Condensed Coconut Milk to create a Vegan whipped cream. There are so many uses that the sky is the limit! 
Use in all your favourite smoothies, drinks and baking applications.