Plamil Organics

Quality, Organic products from an ethical company

All Plamil products are now made in a completely NUT-FREE environment! 

Plamil’s speciality is making superb dairy-free, organic confectionery and other foods. Plamil’s delicious offerings are perfect for people with allergies to gluten, wheat, dairy, lactose, eggs and soy plus vegans and anyone seeking simple organic indulgence. 

Plamil source their cocoa from a farming co-operative in the Dominican Republic, and unlike so many chocolate brands nowadays, Plamil actually make their own chocolate in their own factory, which never uses dairy/animal products, wheat/gluten or nuts. Being the first chocolate manufacturer to be registered in the UK by the Soil Association is only part of the Plamil story. Their products are also approved by the UK Vegan and Vegetarian societies. 

Plamil was also ranked highest in the chocolate ratings in the Ethical Consumer magazine in 2006 and they now power their factory using 100% renewable electricity. 

Established in the 1960s by the late, pioneering vegan, Arthur Ling, Plamil produced the UK's first soya milk in 1965 and was awarded the Soil Association's first ever organic certification. Plamil continues to live the vegan values as the company is owned and run by Arthur Ling's son, Adrian.