Viana is our latest brand from Tofutown in Germany. Tofutown has been a pioneer and leading innovator in 100% plant-based organic products for many years. 
The Germans have a reputation for their high-quality standards and ingenuity. So it seems only natural that with their long history of sustainable living that they would enter into the world of organic culinary mastery. 
Take Viana Organic Tofu and add organic wheat. Combine with garden-fresh vegetables and sophisticated spices and you get a delicious, meatless product that will satisfy every palate. 

Viana Bavarian Burger
Viana Bratwurst Sausages
Viana Chicken Fillits
Viana Cowgirl Steaks
Viana Mild Jumbo
Viana Picknicker
Viana Robinson Burger
Viana Veggie Gyros