About Us


Vegan Perfection was founded in 2005 by Jeremy and Rebecca, a husband and wife team committed to a vegan lifestyle, environmental issues, and social justice. They decided they wanted to spread the benefits of a vegan lifestyle to all Australians by introducing innovative and high-quality vegan products to what was a barren market.

Having lived in the UK for several years up to 2005, and having turned vegan in the UK, where veganism abounded, they thought that the natural thing to do was import some of the exciting vegan brands that they had enjoyed whilst living in the UK. Since those humble beginnings, our range has grown to include a great selection of brands from all over Europe, the USA, Thailand, Brazil and all corners of the globe! 

12 years on, and Vegan Perfection supplies a wide range of exciting products sold in all kinds of shops, cafes, pizza shops and restaurants right across Australia. And as the vegan market continues to expand, rest assured that we will be working diligently to find our customers the best new products from around the world, remaining at the forefront of the Australian vegan 'scene'.  

Our aim is to service the needs and desires of compassionate consumers all over Australia and to make exciting and indulgent vegan foods available to as many people as possible across the length and breadth of the country. Delicious and cruelty-free!

At any one time you might find Jeremy scouring obscure locations around the world in search of the next big vegan product, while the Vegan Perfection team pulls out all the stops back at home to keep the products flowing on to our wonderful customers. 



The incredible demand for delicious and innovative vegan products in Australia, has led to the continual growth of Vegan Perfection.  The team, now eight strong work tirelessly to Import and distribute only the best 100% Vegan products Australia wide.

The logistics of and growth of Vegan Perfection forever demands the skills of hardworking individuals, forever in the pursuit to do more with the limited space and time we have each day.

The challenges of distributing food nationwide are only eclipsed by the ongoing battle with import logistics and regulatory bodies.  Vegan Perfection fight day and night to succeed in a tough and ruthless industry. 

The logistics mastery of Vegan Perfection is expanding just as fast as we are getting in exciting new products.  Vegan Perfection has many exciting development services we can't wait to bring to our customers in 2018. 


Meet The Team


Jeremy Johnson

Supreme Commander

"What is sleep?"


Operations Manager

"8A-G is best"

Katala Northman

Katala Northman

Warehouse Manager

"Feed me pathetic Human"



Arielle Lastname

Dispatch Officer

"In between Holidays"


Janina Vicencio

Melon Inspector

"Cows are my best friends."

Belle & Jasmine

Belle & Jasmine

Head Of Security

"Bigger then you"


Erik Northman

Pick Packer

"I love boxes"



Our Mission is to grow and support the Vegan Market, creating an environment that helps nurture the Vegan lifestyle.