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Coconut Matcha Sauce 400g


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Nature's Charm Coconut Matcha Sauce is your new Vegan and Dairy Free option for delicious Matcha sauce.

Made from premium coconuts and finest Japanese Matcha to provide a delicious taste for your desserts, fruits, drinks, and ice cream.
It can be used as an ingredient, as well as a topping.

Natural separation may occur due to the coconut milk contents. For best results, warm in hot water and mix contents before use.


Ingredients: Coconut Cream, Cane Sugar, Matcha Powder, Water, Virgin Coconut Oil, Calcium Carbonate, Sea Salt

Nutritional Information
Servings per container: 10
Serving Size: 8tsp (40g)
Average Quantities    Per Serving    Per 100g
Energy                        454kj             1135kj
                                   108kcal          271kcal 
Protein                        1.2g               2.9g
Total Fat                      2.8g               6.9g  
 -Saturated                 2.6g                6.4g
Carbohydrate, total    18.7g              46.7g
 -Sugar                       18.3g              45.7g 
Sodium                      35mg              87mg

Store in a cool  dry place

Origin: Thailand

ALLERGEN INFORMATION: Gluten free, contains coconuts, may contain traces of Peanuts, Sesame Seeds, and Sulphites 

Coconut Matcha Sauce 400g