Carob Ricecakes


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Fresh and crunchy rice cakes enrobed in Bonvita’s organic Carob coating. Lactose-free, gluten-free, certified organic, caffeine-free and theobromine-free. Carob lovers rejoice! 

Ingredients: Rice 50%, carob 50% ( cocoa butter 31%, carob powder 11%, corn powder 2.5 %, rice powder 2.5 %, soya powder 2.5 %, Vanilla 0.5 %) 


Gluten FreeOrganic Product

Nutritional Information: Typical value per 100 g 

Energy 453 kcal 1897 kJ 
Protein 7.0 g 
Carbohydrates 63.8g 
Fat 18.3g

Serving Suggestions: Perfect healthy snack for any time of the day! 

ALLERGEN INFORMATION: Contains Soy. Made in a facility that handles dairy, peanut, nut and sesame products. Traces may remain. 

Misc. Information: Caffeine-free and Theobromine free

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