Farmhouse Sausages


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The Vegusto Farmhouse Sausage is a delicious meat-free alternative to the classic banger, but with a tasty smoked flavour. Its great fried up as part of a vegetarian traditional breakfast or on a meaty bread roll sandwich, or try it in a classic sausage recipe like Vegan Bangers 'n Mash. 
Vegusto Farmhouse Sausages enjoy a firm wheaty-texture brought together with natural flavours and spices, vegetable oils and only the best plant-based ingredients. They are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, high in protein and free from soya, hydrogenated fat, cholesterol and palm oil.

nut freesoy free

Ingredients: Water, wheat protein (gluten), vegetable oils and fats non-hydr. (coconut, canola), spices (contains celery), rock salt, wheat flour, rice starch, vegetable concentrate, binder (guar gum, xanthan), wheat fibres (gluten-free), natural smoke flavour. 


Nutritional Information: Nutritional Facts per 100g: 
Energy: 1007 kJ / 241 kcal 
Protein: 23.9g 
Carbohydrates: 6.1g 
of which sugars:2.2g 
Fats: 13.8g 
of which saturates: 10.2g 

Serving Suggestions: Fry it up and devour in a warm crusty roll with fried onions and tomato sauce and a dollop of Plamo Organic Egg-free Mayo 

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